Mindsoft – I.T. Solutions (www.mindsoft.gr), Greece

It’s been about 1 year since we first tried Cloudlix and we’re very happy with their service. So far every member of the support team has been very helpful in any situation we needed assistance. Be it to optimize the server performance or to resolve small issues as soon as possible or to discuss future partnership, someone is always there to listen and provide assistance. Moreover, besides the great support, the servers have also proven to have a solid configuration making it really easy to work with. You can follow most of the online tutorials to add functionality and you’ll find everything working smoothly. They also seem pretty secure even without adding extra security measures, thus making it very reassuring since they are working consistently and the uptime is also good.
To sum it up we’re very satisfied so far and hope things will go even better in the future. If you asked us to describe Cloudlix in one word, that would be “reliable”!

Zsolt H., Hungary

Like the peg, just working! Cheap, stable, fast, reliable VPS provider.

Alberto M., Italy

In any case, I had a very good experience with your service: you were prompt in solving technical problems, the VPS was well-managed and performed very well for the service I had it perform. At this time I have no suggestions for you.

Andrey B., Russia

Quality of Cloudlix services is great and client support too great.