SLA Contract


CloudLix guarantees a 99.9% monthly network and hardware uptime per this Service Level Agreement (from here on referred to as “SLA”). If in any given month we fail to meet this guarantee, our customer is eligible for a credit on their current account.


Uptime Guarantee SLA Credit
99.9% Guaranteed
99.8% 10%
99.7% 20%
99.6% 30%
99.5 40%
99.4% 50%
99.3% 60%
99.2% 70%
99.1% 80%
99.0% 90%
Less than 99.0% 100%


Uptime Guarantee SLA Credit
4 hours or less Guaranteed
Over 4 hours & up to 8 Hours 20%
Over 8 hours & up to 12 Hours 40%
Over 12 hours & up to 16 Hours 60%
Over 16 Hours &up to 20 Hours 80%
Over 20 Hours 100%


  • CloudLix extends this SLA to its direct clients with fully managed services only.
  • CloudLix offers SLA credits for use in future billing only. SLA credits can’t be transferred or exchanged in any way.
  • SLA credit is calculated from the time a ticked is opened to the time the problem is solved.
  • Any client`s account which has had been warned due to violation of the AUP/TOP is not eligible for SLA credit.
  • All SLA claims must be made in seven days after network or hardware outage.
  • SLA credits may not exceed the full monthly amount of the server they are being applied to.
  • SLA credits may not be stacked.
  • Scheduled maintenance is not eligible for SLA credit.
  • Any kind of “force majeure” disasters are not eligible for SLA credits.
  • CloudLix SLA is subject to change without any notice.