Managed servers

The most common question while choosing fully managed server is: “what is the difference between fully managed and unmanaged server?” There are plenty of things that fully managed server includes such as constant monitoring, fast react time on any problem, service optimisation etc., but the main thing what you’ll get is live conversation with professional, his advises on your specific project. We are here not to sell you the product with highest price, but to consult you to choose best product for your need. We want to be not only your ISP, but partners, who helps when you need it.

Starting at 70 EUR / Month, you get a rock solid managed hosting service. Our fully managed service includes monitoring, manage patches and updates. You not only have a first class service, you also have a team of Linux Experts.

Choose Managed Servers package


2 x Xeon Core
10 TB Bandwidth

70 €/mo.

  • Flatrate 100 mbps
  • 1 gbps port
  • DDOS protection

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4 x Xeon Core
100 GB HDD
10 TB Bandwidth

90 €/mo.

  • Flatrate 100 mbps
  • 1 gbps port
  • DDOS protection

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5 x Xeon Core
200 GB HDD
10 TB Bandwidth

110 €/mo.

  • Flatrate 100 mbps
  • 1 gbps port
  • DDOS protection

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7 x Xeon Core
300 GB HDD
10 TB Bandwidth

140 €/mo.

  • Flatrate 100 mbps
  • 1 gbps port
  • ddos protection

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  • Managed Servers Optimisations
    All services (Apache, PHP, MySQL, Exim) are configured and optimised for best performance.
  • Fast Setup of managed servers
    Fast Setup
    Your complete individual server solution will be prepared per 1 working day.

  • Cloud-based infrastructure
    Save both time and money while getting the speed and perfomance you need.

  • Secure and hussle free
    Cloudlix handles all maintenance security data backups and licensing.

  • Payment options
    Payments accepted via Paypal, Skrill, WebMoney, AlertPay, BitCoins, PerfectMoney.

  • Service and support
    We constantly 24/7 monitor your server. In case of failover we react immediately.

Some cases why you need to choose our managed service

  • We handle projects which consumes up to 5 Gbps of bandwidth, more that 30 000 visitors online, and it`s not our limit. We have solutions to handle even bigger loads.
  • We offer distributed solutions over 4 Data centers: 2 x USA (West & East), 2 x Europe (West & East) depending on your visitors.
  • We don’t just monitor you server, we constantly optimize it, applying new configurations depending on you projects.
  • We will provide you with graphs, so you will know how your servers handles your visitors.
  • We also give recommendations on optimising CMS systems, like WordPress, Joomla, Magentoo, OXID, PrestaShop etc. It helps to achieve better load speed.


Additional information

  • Intel Xeon processors
  • SWAP Space up to 4GB
  • Secure RAID arrays
  • Datacenters: 2 x EU, 2 x US
  • SPDY, PageSpeed, Memcached modules for performance
  • Custom Firewall Solution
  • Free DirectAdmin control panel
  • Server stats and graphs
  • Server checks every 5 minutes
  • Failover react 24/7
  • Free e-mail SSL certificate
  • Reseller account
Why choose
Managed servers?
Expert setup, configuration
Friendly 24/7 support
Up to 5 Gbps CDN
Free Website transfer
Free DirectAdmin panel
Discounts for Managed Servers
  • 6 month – 10% off
  • 12 month – 20% off
  • 24 month – 30% off
Locations of Managed Servers
  • Europe / US
  • locations
DDoS protection of managed servers
  • DDoS protection
  • included
Unmetered bandwidth for managed servers
  • Up to 5 Gbps
  • guaranteed – 1Gbps port
  • (up to 145TB)


About our data center


  • Intel Xeon v4
  • DDR4 EEC RAM modules
  • 100% SSD RAID10 storage arrays


  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • SLA 99.9% contract
  • VPN ready service
  • Fully redundant MPLS ring structure
  • High-end data center in Europe


As a member of the BON (Baltic Optical Network), we have direct internet connections with cities all across Europe

  • High-end data center in Europe
  • Advanced fire protection and anti-flood systems
  • Advanced security systems
  • Redundant, enterprise-class routing equipment