Terms Of Usage


1. Customers shall and shall ensure that its End Users‐ only use the Services for lawful purposes and shall refrain from any use that Breaches the CloudLix Policies or any applicable Law.

2. Customer shall refrain from any use of the Services which may have an adverse effect on CloudLix’s good name or standing, or may cause damage to CloudLix’s business operations, or may subject CloudLix to litigation.

3. Specific activities that are prohibited include, but are not limited to:

  • terrorism;
  • threatening harm to persons or property or otherwise harassing behaviour;
  • compromising the security (or tampering with) system resources or accounts of other Customers or of any other Internet sites or intranet sites;
  • violating local export control Laws for Software or technical information;
  • the use or transmission or distribution of any data or material protected by Intellectual Property Right without proper authorisation;
  • the manufacture or use or distribution of counterfeit, pirated or illegal software or other product;
  • providing or offering compensation to End Users based on download volume, unless Customer knows – or has no reason to doubt – that such End Users are using Customer’s services only for lawful purposes and for the distribution or dissemination of their own data or material, or of data or materials for which they have the proper authorisation to distribute or disseminate the same;
  • fraudulently representing products or services;
  • Spamming, hacking, DoS attacks, DDoS attacks, DRDoS attacks;
  • defamation, child pornography, child erotica and obscenity;
  • activities that may result in the placement or inclusion on a Blacklist of Customer, Customer’s IP address(es) and/or IP address(es) assigned by CloudLix to Customer;
  • facilitating, aiding, or encouraging any of the foregoing activities.


1. Customer may not:

  • send e‐mail that in any way is or may be in Breach of applicable Law;
  • send or propagate Spam and shall not allow its End Users or third parties to send or propagate Spam via Customer’s IP addresses;
  • not send, propagate, or reply to Mail Bombs and shall not allow its End Users or third parties to send or propagate Mail Bombs via Customer’s IP addresses;
  • or alter the headers of e‐mail messages to conceal Customer’s e‐mail address or to prevent receivers from responding to messages.

2. Customer shall refrain from any e‐mail activities that may result in the placement of Customer or Customer’s IP address(es) on a Blacklist. CloudLix reserves the right to charge Customer one hundred Euros (€ 100.‐‐) per hour in consulting fees for any remedial actions that CloudLix elects to take in the event that, as a result of Customer’s activities, CloudLix’s servers or IP address(es) are placed in any third‐party mail filtering software or Blacklist.

3. Unsolicited advertising mailings, whether commercial or informational, are strictly prohibited. Customer may send advertising material only to recipients that have specifically requested that material. Opt‐out mailings are, in view of the foregoing, prohibited. Customer shall refrain from sending further e‐mail to a recipient of its e‐mail after receiving a request to stop from such recipient.


1. Customer is prohibited from posting or transmitting illegal or inappropriate material on or via the Internet or the World Wide Web.

2. CloudLix is entitled to actively block ports or IP addresses for the Network, in the event that such is – in CloudLix’s reasonable view – necessary to preserve or protect the security and performance of the Network or the Internet or the World Wide Web. An overview of the blocked ports or IP addresses may be requested in writing by Customer from CloudLix.

3. If CloudLix reasonably suspects that Customer is subject to a DoS attack, DDoS attack, DRDoS attack or another attack that results in an unaccounted peak in data traffic, CloudLix shall be entitled to immediately block access at the router and/or switch level to Customer’s Infrastructure. In the event that Customer is subject to repetitive attacks, and Customer  does not successfully take measures to prevent that future attacks may interfere with services provided by CloudLix to other customers or the use or operation of any Equipment, then CloudLix shall be entitled to immediately terminate the Agreement by sending a written notice to Customer.


1. Customers may cancel services at any time. Cloudlix.com reserves the right to cancel the account at any time. Cloudlix.com gives you an unconditional 14 day money back guarantee on VPS/VDS hosting. Creating a dispute in PayPal resolution center will only make your refund blocked for a period of 20 days as we do not respond to disputes. We will refund all customers in a peacefull matter so all clients can receive their money quicker. No money back guarantee is only for sales periods. Accounts cancelled/terminated by Cloudlix.com do not qualify for the 14 day money back guarantee.


1. Cloudlix.com reserve the right to change prices listed on Cloudlix.com, and the right to change the amount of resources given to plans at any time. Contract pricing customers will not be affected by any price change throughout the contract period. The amount you pay for hosting will never increase from the date of purchase.


1. You are allocated bandwidth resources. Those resources vary depending on the services package you purchase. Should your account pass fair-use rule (permanently using more than 30% assigned bandwidth and/or abuse network), we reserve the right to set limits the account until the start of the next allocation or until more bandwidth is purchased at an additional fee. Any use of torrents are not allowed.


1. Your use of the service is at your sole risk. CloudLix is not responsible for files and data residing on your account. You agree to take full responsibility for files and data transferred and to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on CloudLix servers. In case the customer colocates their own hardware, CloudLix reserves the right to utilize the hardware after services had been expired for 30 days. During this time it is the customer’s responsibility to retrieve the hardware.


Registering .lt domain, registant approves that would be provided registrar (Kaunas University of Technology is an official Administrator of the .lt top-level domain) services, and for that reason in DAS (Domain andministration system) would be shown his individual information information and it would be shown on Whois domains system. More about this regulation you could find here.


1. Cloudlix.com reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice.